My Pin Mat

If there’s one thing I hate while I’m sewing its a pin cushion. They’re difficult to keep up with for me. The round cushions want to roll away and the others are just as bad. Not to mention if you accidentally push your needle in too far it’s difficult to recover from the cushion.

So I made my own from a little bit of old jeans. One that won’t roll away or get in the way. I simply sewed together two rectangle, nothing between them. Yep, just a flat pin cushion… well, more of a pin mat. Whenever I want to sew or embroider by hand while sitting on the couch I can simply lay it on the arm rest or my leg and it stays. It never rolls away and it quick to push pins and needles into.

All you need is a small piece of material and five minutes, if even that long! No more difficulties of the round pin cushion. The pins do work better on my pin mat when they’re organized a bit and not just slid onto it. Otherwise you can expect to get stuck a bit.

Please excuse the uneven cut on mine. It was one of those “lets check out how this sewing machine sews” experiments, No use in wasting it after using all that thread, so the pin mat was born. Let me know if anyone shares my hatred for pin cushions, it would be horrible if I was the only one!