All the Difference

If you are going to pursue anything, it’s in your best interest to have a support group backing you up. Whether its family, friends, a colleague, or even a teacher or boss, sometimes, having the right people behind you is what you need. Even if its just to give you the little shove you need to pursue an interest.

So far, the people that make up my support team have made all the difference. I’ve found that when I mention to other people my age (high schoolers) that I sew, they seem to think its a dumb hobby or that its odd. They seem to label sewing as an “old fashioned” thing or too foreign and outdated to do here. But upon sharing that fact with family and friends I have found that they think its great that I want to pursue sewing, maybe not as a career but as a on the side thing or a hobby. They are the people who make up my support group, even though they may not know it. They encourage me to continue to sew more than anyone else has.

My Aunt, who I learned the basics from, has provided me with needles, thread and a little fabric to practice on over the years. Now she is helping me make my first quilt. My Grandma has given me words of encouragement and praise, as well as a few hoops. My mom has given me ideas as well as provided the funds over the years. She also got me my first sewing machine for Christmas and more supplies than I could have dreamed of for my birthday. My best friend Abby, she has no interest in sewing, but she always listens to me talk about it, which is more than I could ask for from her. These people have encouraged me with their words and little gifts over the last half year as I’ve been learning to embroider and sew. They have pushed me to further myself because of my want to show them what I was able to do and make with what they have given me.

These are the type of people that should make up a support group. They should push you to better yourself, while saying not to over exert yourself. They should be there to help you correct your mistakes and help you with what they can, though it might not seem like much. When you think of these people you should be joyful and feel encouraged by them to work at it a bit longer when your thinking about giving up. You don’t have to tell them they are a part of your support group. No one else has to know, but they’ll know it when they see your face light up at their small gift or advice.

I’m glad I have the right people in my support group. I’m glad they have been here for me. Telling me not to stop attempting to learn that difficult stitch. Telling me to try new technique. Telling me to be what I want to be and do what I want to do. Sometimes, having the right people in your support group can make all the difference. No one needs someone who constantly puts down what you’re trying to do. Those aren’t the people you support group needs. I’m not saying a little constructive criticism isn’t necessary, because it is, just no one likes a Negative Nancy.