All The Possibilities!

After receiving a sewing machine for Christmas just a few days ago, I am motivated to learn how to sew perfectly on it by the end of 2015. A good thing too, since I’m doing my senior project on making a quilt next year. (A senior project is a horrible, long project that everyone in high school in my county are required to do before we can graduate. So why not get something useful out of it?) I began to learn the basics from my aunt at around the age of maybe ten. So I know how to do a basic stitch by hand and keep my stitching even. I had even made a few small throw pillows, although they were nothing elaborate, just a few small squares sewn together.

In the late months of 2014 I’ve devoted much of my spare time (which I have plenty of) to learning to hand embroider. I am proud to say it comes easily to me and I find it relaxing, and love that accomplished feeling from learning a new stitch. Now seventeen I find it interesting and slightly funny that of all the people in my class if I placed a needle and thread in their hand they would not know where to begin! Not that I was much better when I first started.

It seems that sewing has become a lost skill in today’s world. Unless your planning on pursuing a fashion design career most don’t give sewing a second thought. But sewing is a form of art. One in which you can not just create, but USE everything you make. Not to mention that when I’ve successfully sewn something together I feel a sense of pride for seeing it through.

Today I finished a pillow case. My first pillowcase, actually. And although the blocks may not all lot up exactly I have to say I did well for my first try at it on a machine I’m not familiar with. After sewing together the wrong blocks, sewing two blocks completely together on all sides(oops, got too caught up in sewing on my new machine!) and having bring out the seam ripper several times it did come together, piece by piece. The featured image is my complete pillow case.

By the end of 2015 I hope to have successfully:

  • Finished my senior project quilt
  • Sewn my first skirt
  • Learn to sew in a zipper and elastic
  • Made my own wallet
  • Sewn a cover for my sewing machine
  • Made a doll outfit (good practice for making clothes, just in a more manageable size)
  • Made a coffee cup sleeve
  • Mastered embroider
  • Learned the ins and outs of my sewing machine

Here’s to the new year and getting things done!